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    As the beginning of a new year dawns, the inevitable “lists” from the previous year emerge. “5 Worst style trends of 2017” or “3 most popular toys of 2017” plaster magazine covers. When it comes to marketing, there is no difference. Every year provides us with genius marketing ploys as well as...
    Technology is altering the marketing world in obvious and not so obvious ways. Millenials are the largest population in the U.S, marketing initiatives must be tailored to meet their unique demands. Technology is Empowering Marketing Millennials are the largest generation in history and now they...
    When it comes to women in STEM fields, historically they’ve been sorely underrepresented and very outnumbered. While today those numbers are better, the scores of men who receive higher education and enter careers engineering, physical and computer sciences, and mathematics still outnumber the...
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